USGA/R&A Announce Proposed Ban on Anchoring Golf Club

I couldn’t agree more with the stance that the PGA of America has taken with the proposed "Ban of Anchoring the Golf Club." Although I understand certain points of the USGA/R&A, I strongly believe that without any supporting evidence that anchoring the club is a superior method for putting from all distances, it shouldn't be banned. I think as an industry we need to find ways to GET and RETAIN the golfers we have. I think "Belly" and "Long" putters have created excitement around the game and has allowed for a large percentage of our aging golfers to have enjoyment in the game, and actaully enjoy putting practice! I've always believed that GOLF needs something like snowboarding has provided for skiing and the belly/long putters, I believe, are a step in the right direction.

Just my opinion!

Anthony's Tip of the Week

Grip Pressure

I was reminded today of the importance for grip pressure. Sam Snead once said "when gripping the club you want to pretend that you are holding a tube of tooth paste. You don't want to squeeze it so hard that the paste squirts out, but you also don't want to hold it so soft that the tube falls out of your hands." Coming from one of the GREATEST ball strikers ever and a guy that has more professional wins than anyone, I will take his advice!

One thing to remember; when you soften your grip pressure you still want to maintain your form and structure to the swing. I've seen many golfers soften their grip pressure and then all the sudden their swing looks like a wet noodle. With some time and practice you will be able to master the ability to softening the grip will keeping that tight swing.

This tip will help you hit the ball more solid which means more distance and the ability to maneuver the ball in different directions.



I absolutely love this swing.....Tons of fluidity!

In my opinion, Tiger needs to get back to the thought of being more fluid. It is no secret thatTiger is aging and with that comes limited flexibility, less testosterone, and so on. So, it is very important, in my opinion, to keep the fluidity, the extension, and speed in his swing.

Take a look at the swing included and give me your opinion....I remember when Tiger's swing looked this fluid!

Anthony's Tip of the Week

Thursday Clinic (Putting)

Wow.....I'm really enjoying the new facility! What is there not to like....great courses, great people, great service, great amenities........should I say more!!!!!     

One thing I was able to implement at Indian Wells Golf Resort is the Tuesday & Thursday clinics. I am very excited for the opportunity to discuss the game, swing, and equipment with our guests during this time. The clinics typically last for 45min and are focused on various aspects of the golf game.  Tuesdays we typically stay on the "Full Swing" subject ranging from short irons, to woods, and driver. Thursdays the attention is centered on short game improvement such as bunker play, putting, chipping, and wedge game. This is such a great opportunity to get great tips from PGA professionals in a relaxing setting.

This Thursday (February 17th) bring your putter, a CD, coat hanger, driver (with headcover), and a penny......curious?

Hope to see you soon!                      

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